From Windows to Mac and Back Again

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August 23, 2016
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August 30, 2016

From Windows to Mac and Back Again

In 2015 I bought a Mac Mini. At the start I loved it – it was new, I loved the shine of the apps and all the familiar iPhone apps and functionality I had come to expect. It worked out for a while but in the end I was left pining for my old Windows PC.

Fast forward a year and I’ve my PC configuration coupled with Dual Monitors again. I’ve reformatted my Mac Mini and that had a monitor of it’s own – two computers and three monitors and two mice and two keyboards… ARGH!

I hate additional tools to do the same job so I ditched the extra mouse and keyboard and started swapping between the two platforms using the USB dongle that came with my Logitech mouse and keyboard. It works OK but can be a little cumbersome swapping between the two.

Then I discovered Synergy by Symless. This is outright the best $10 I’ve spent this year. Essentially this software allows me to use the same mouse and keyboard on both Windows and Mac and the best part is I can seamlessly move the mouse between ALL THREE MONITORS – meaning I can start on the far left monitor (Windows), move across to the middle monitor (still Windows) and then move over onto the right monitor (Mac). Oh, did I say seamlessly?

What I also love is I can copy and paste images from, say Google Images on my Windows machine (using Chrome) and paste that directly into iMessage on the Mac. Same can be said with copying a file on Windows and pasting it on the Mac. I haven’t been able to get it work the other way round right now, but I’ve placed a shortcut on the Mac’s desktop to a shared network folder so I can still get the files onto my Windows, although it takes an extra 10 seconds (not a problem at all).

I know this is a relatively bespoke setup. However, it’s useful for those who want to develop apps on a Mac and still have the functionality of Windows and appreciate the speed of transition between the two. Also, I like to use iMessage and would prefer to type my messages out on a keyboard and monitor rather than using my iPhone at my desk. Being able to reference links to documents and websites on the fly from Windows and paste into iMessage quickly is a big plus and time saver for me.

The whole thing works over a network; wired or wireless. Set up is easy and quick. I’ve not needed to contact support, either. So, for $10 you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a setup similar to what I have!