Automated Webinars – How to Create and Automate Your Webinars

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July 21, 2016
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August 25, 2016

Automated Webinars – How to Create and Automate Your Webinars

If you’ve ever hosted a webinar before you’ll be aware of the amount of energy it takes to put the whole thing together. Are the slides “catchy” enough (whatever that means). Is there enough detail in the slides to ensure you cover everything you mean to? Will the audience be interested enough to be engaged in what you’re presenting?

Do enough of these webinars and you’ll get into a groove with how you conduct your webbys but you may have the whole thing backwards!

I run webinars. Over the years I’ve ran hundreds of webinars from 20 mins to 3 hours in duration and everything in between. I’ve been a guest and I’ve had guests on my webinars and the one thing I can say (outside of the benefits of making sales on webinars) is once the time has gone, it’s gone. So, if you’re making sales then your time is paid for, but if you’re spending more and more time on webinars that don’t convert then you’re wasting time and money.

Imagine having the whole webinar recorded one time (heck you’re doing it live all the time anyway). Record the slides, edit out your ahhhs and ummms (if you’re anything like me there’s a ton of them!) and over deliver on the webinar by providing amazing value and content to your viewers (you may as well go for Gold as you’re recording it just the one time, right?).

Benefits of Automated Webinars

For me the benefits outweigh doing a live presentation in every way. Here are the main benefits as I see them:

  1. Pre-recorded allows me to perfect my presentation as best as possible
  2. I get to edit out my mistakes pre-production – removing my umms and ahhhs to help perfect a slick presentation.
  3. re-edit particular slides after the recording in case I need to make changes (a phone number, URL etc)
  4. record different openings and endings easily and all at the same time
  5. I┬ádon’t actually need to be there every time the webinar is presenting
  6. I can still answer questions outside of the webinar presentation as the questions come to my email inbox
  7. I can work on other tasks whilst the webinar is presenting automatically
  8. I only need to record the webinar once and it can present evergreen style (forever)
  9. I can change the time of the webinar to suit my audience (working day presentation or evening time)

My platform of choice is Stealth Seminar. I have been using┬áthem for 3 years or so and their support is great. What I do is create my webinar registration page in Leadpages which is then converted over to Stealth Seminar’s platform so it is in their system. My autoresponder is wired up and we’re all set!

No longer do you need to schedule one webinar every couple of weeks, you can now engage your potential customers every day or even every hour if you wish!

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing about your webinar (if you’re providing a service or software trial at the end, for example) is to ensure you have the entire webinar mapped out.

I’m talking about things like:

  1. Facebook ads tested (at least 16-20 ads)
  2. taper the ads down to a winning ad
  3. split test your landing page (you can do that in Stealth Seminar)
  4. try give yourself a couple days lead time from registrant to presentation
  5. use these 2 days lead time to ensure your visitors are ready for the presentation
  6. if it makes sense add a tripwire as your thank you page (additional training and a low priced offer)
  7. use your webinar to give value – educate and teach your audience something of value that will help them
  8. make your offer compliment your training (well of course, right?)
  9. don’t expect to make all your sales on the webinar
  10. you will make most of your conversions on your followup sequence after the webinar

Make sure to follow up!

People don’t always attend webinars – there’s nothing you can do about that but those who do you need to ensure you follow up with them. Stealth Seminar allows you to drop people into different email campaigns depending on how long they spend on your webinar – this is invaluable information.

Your follow up should cover objections – why wouldn’t someone take action on your offer? Explain why and then show them the reasons why their objections are unfounded. Present your offer again.

Spend four to 6 days post-webinar with follow up. Add some new bonuses such as 24/7 access to you (it’s what I do and it’s a great value add for the buyer). Strangely, most don’t even use the access but like the fact that it’s there if they need it.

A note on the Facebook Ads. Use Retargetting on those who visit your registration page but don’t opt in for your webinar. Show up on their FB newsfeed with a reminder to opt in. Those who do opt in – it might not be any harm to also retarget these people with a reminder in their newsfeed not to forget about the webinar. Simple yet effective ways to stay top of mind.

If you’re interested in discussing how to have your own webinar automated then drop me a line and we’ll talk (no charge, obviously).

Want to see one of my webinars in action? Then pop over here and register for the online training event starting in 2 days (if you’re on Facebook I’ll be retargetting you, too!)