My name is Kevin O'Connor and I run a white label marketing agency called HandleMySupport.com. I like to call myself a Practicing Businessman. I am very much a "practice what I preach" type of guy so if you hear me talking about something chances are I've been through the arduous task of putting my money, energy and time through the ringer in order to really try something out. I'm leery of those who talk of theory with no practical to show for it and I encourage you to always be asking "show me what you've done".


BSc Hons Physics, Dip. Applied Physics, FETAC Level 6 Business Management, Member Institute of Physics, TEFL Qualified English Teacher, New South Wales Clearance Certified Change Management Officer.


Having obtained an Honours Degree in Physics my natural course was to work within the scientific community. Having worked as a laser engineer utlising the many skills I had learned from my Physics degree, I was able to apply micro level detail to a macro level problem. However, it wasn't long in this role when I realised that I will never have the life goals I set out to achieve whilst under someone else's dime. I needed to learn new skills and adapt them to the market place I was looking at - working with small businesses, initially. I bought CDs and books and every opportunity I had I used that time to learn something new - a sales skill, a marketing technique, how to advertise online, all the while using my new knowledge through problem based learning. I created websites, products and newsletters all from the material I was learning. This allowed me to create and develop my own digital products which I have been selling since 2003. All these years later, I realise that it was my analytical, critical thinking I developed from my years studying physics that allowed me to approach business from a macro level perspective then right down into a micro level perspective. It allowed me to truly understand a problem or situation and how best I might adapt to it in order to achieve a solution.



Support Tickets

The number of support tickets we've answered for our customers, to date.



Over 1000 consultations with business owners helping with business strategy and planning.



I've worked with over 200 businesses all over the world.


years of experience

14+ years running online businesses. I have trained, coached and consulted with both small and large companies.


Six Figure Product Launches

The number of software programs that have grossed over $100k in sales in 7 days each.

I've also made some pretty awesome software and product courses. My first ever product course was a course called Seriously Simple Sums!. It taught me about copyrighting, about sales page design, about product delivery and customer service all in a short space of time. I also had my first taste of experience with affiliates. I had also developed a membership site focusing around memory improvement, aptly named Memorymentor.com.

My first official software solution was called MapPI. It was a lead generation tool that searched the internet for leads. It looked at a number of factors such as number of business reviews, did the business have a claimed listing? Were there any photos attached to the business and so on. It gave me an indication as to how active the business owner was with their online presence and allowed me to tailor my approach to the business for offering my services. It was a huge success and a software tool, I feel, that set the bar for future software solutions to follow.


  • MapPI
  • Instant Mobile Leads Machine
  • Mobile PI 2.0
  • BlueZone Media
  • FreshPI
  • Kindle Book Finder
  • Automated Website Builder
  • Insight Negotiations
  • Memorymentor.com
  • Seriously Simple Sums!
  • TGI Fridays
  • Eirware Web Solutions
  • Special Olympics Ireland
  • BMW
  • Opel
  • Coders Academy


  • Husband
  • Avid Traveller
  • Forward Planner
  • Logic Driven
  • Technical
  • Optimist
  • Audible Addict
  • Passionate Learner
  • Problem Solver
  • Vegan
  • Non-Drinker
  • Newbie Meditator


Handle My Support

I grew Handle My Support from 3 staff back on the 9th January 2012 right up to 22 staff currently. We are all office based, meaning my staff all come to work and have their own unique skill sets. I like to think of the combined skillsets of all my staff as one "Super Assistant". An assistant that can create amazing graphics, work wonders with web design, build amazing sales pages, trouble shoot the most difficult of web hosting difficulties, research and find that which does not want to be found and lots more. Growing to this size has not been easy. It's why I have put in place a strict and thorough employment proceedure in order to minimise on staff downtime, improve staff loyalty and overall improve on quality products and services my customers love and appreciate.

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Having grown Handle My Support from scratch I've developed a lot of skills in business growth. Whether it's by driving paid traffic to a landing page, or a Joint Venture partnership to leverage an existing customer base, I've experienced nearly everything there is to experience with growth. I've spoken on stage at a number of events, participated on webinars as an expert in my field and guested on podcasts. Every opportunity that arises I try my utmost to gain exposure for myself and what I do.

  • Cold Calling100%
  • Lead Generation100%
  • Outsourcing100%
  • BPO Setup100%
  • emote Office Setup100%
  • Landing Pages100%
  • Wordpress Technologies100%
  • Web Automation100%
  • Team Building100%
  • Sales Training100%
  • Negotiating100%
  • Project Management100%
  • Trademarks100%
  • E1 Treaty Trader Visas100%
  • Education Platforms100%
  • Trademarks100%

E-1 Treaty Trader

When the time comes for expansion into the US market you're going to want to consult with someone that's actually done it. No theory here! I've personally brought my business into the USA through the E-1 Treaty Trader program having obtained a 5 year visa to be able to conduct business from within the USA whilst in the USA. The best part is I did this without legal representation. My petition for the E-1 was thorough and well researched, plus I saved the business $15,000 because I did the petition myself.Here's a link to the Irish US Embassy and by all accounts the UK one is similar. I am prepared to share my experience in how I obtained my visa, although please understand my experience is unique to me and my situation and should not be construed as advice. I will, however, share how I obtained all the necessary advice I needed in order to put my visa application together.

  • Cover Letter
  • Business Plan
  • Application Proceedure
  • Invoices
  • Where to set up
  • Business Financials

SCRUM Project Management

Having worked with over 200 businesses each with their own unique requirements I need to make sure I'm on top of my game when it comes to Project Management. With several tasks running at the same time in a bid to work on an overall bigger task I need to ensure my team and I are working as efficiently and as timely as possible, all the while maintaining an excellent standard of quality. I can look at your work flow and advise on where you might be able to improve on output and/or productivity. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective as business owners often can't see the whole picture because they're stuck in the frame.

  • I Use SC UM
  • Focus on Strengths
  • Monitor Output
  • Employee Hiring
  • Employee Training
  • Employee KPIs

Lead Generation

A business is nothing without a pipeline. Have you considered the avenues open to you for generating leads? From Ads to Webinars and everything in between, I've probably implemented most at some time or another, with various degrees of success. I can help you with:

  • Facebook Ads
  • GoogleAds
  • Twitter Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Blog Posts
  • Follow Up

CRM Platforms

We've worked with old and new when it comes to CRMs, some more advanced than others. We've worked with some of the more complex platforms so rest assured when it comes to advising you on how to do what we've got you covered.


Over the past 12 years technologies have changed. Both myself and my team have worked with dozens of different platforms from simple C Ms to more robust and demanding platforms requiring extensive training and understanding. Here's just a few of the platforms we've been working with:


Having been through the trademark process myself and through the trials and tribulations it can bring up, I am in the fortunate position to have successfully navigated through the requirements of a trademark application. My trademark required a co-agreement with another company based in Germany who had a World Wide Trademark but were in a different business than I was (these are known as Trademark Classes).. So, even when you think there's no chance, sometimes it can be as simple as asking for permission.

  • Trademark Necessity
  • Competition
  • Cost to Obtain
  • Protecting your Trademark
  • Trademark fees
  • Do you need one

Cold Calling

Sometimes the fastest path to cash is cold calling, yet so many people fear and hate it (understandably). However, being able to overcome that obstable and focus on the matter at hand can turn cold leads into hot prospects in a few minutes worth of a dial session. I've made countless cold calls, been over the fear of dialling and ploughed through it. The reality is there's nothing to fear (false expectations appearing real). Have a good solid script and stick with it and you'll be soon on your way to dialling for dollars, pounds and Euro! Here are some cold calling statists I've personally experienced:

  • What Platforms to use
  • Script eviews
  • Script Creation
  • apport Building
  • Prospect Commitment
  • Lock in Appointments

Business Automation

A time will come when you need to automate various business processes, whether it's web automation or internal work processes where out of the box software solutions just don't cut it. I get it, I was in that same situation. It's why I learned to program in order to automate and streamline as many processes as possible. Here are just a few automation ideas I've worked on:

  • Monitor Competitors Pricing
  • Notify You of New Projects
  • Monitor Forums for Leads
  • Update Database Every Night
  • Create Videos and Upload
  • Monitor Social Media for negative reviews

Software Coaching

If you haven't guessed by now, I learned how to write software myself. I chose to learn this way as I wanted to work around a project - Project based learning. I set myself a software programming project and then applied my aptitude to learning and studied continuously for 4 months until I was proficient at writing my own software projects. This allowed me to expand my service offering to both my HMS customers but also to the businesses I work with on a regular basis. To me, the time invested has probably been the most rewarding and beneficial to my company, alongside sales training. If software is your thing, then feel free to check out my 6 week coaching course sales video here


This section should have a piece on its own. I have done hundreds of webinars both live and automated; self hosted and as a guest and I can say that there are some factors that need to be considered to ensure your webinar is a big success. Firstly, can you automate this webinar so as you don't need to keep turning up every week? This is my preferred method as you can still get your message across and impart the valuable content without a regular commitment to turning up. Things you should consider:

  • Which Webinar Platform
  • Automated or Live
  • Check Your ecording
  • Prepare Your Slides
  • Duration Of Webinar
  • Promoting Your Webinar

I personally prefer automated webinars. I have done enough webinars to know how to anticipate the audiences questions. As a result I can work these answers into my presentation and add them in at the correct time they would normally appear, whether by voice or by the interactive chat window on the webinar. Automated webinars allow me to present my material and offer on timed schedules that work for the viewer and their schedule and not on mine. I leverage Facebook ads to promote my webinars and have consulted with a number of companies on setting up the exact same solution for them, including setting it up for them as well as consulting on their set up.

  • I would def message Kevin if your looking for any help with your support or product creation etc these guys and gals have their act together when it comes to this stuff and I highly recommend!
    Bill Cousins
    Prolific Marketer LLC
  • Kevin and his team are fantastic. We have been working with them for more than 6 months now, and they're already managing a huge amount of work for us. If you need to outsource your work, these are your guys.
    Nick Mancuso
  • Kevin and The Offline Assistant have helped grow my monthly revenue by as much as 85% since working with them! The team are amazing and I can rely on their work 100%! I highly recommend Kevin and his team.
    Evelyn Townsend
    Primi Media


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